Online safety for school staff

Updates to ‘Online Safety for school staff’ (CPD-accredited course), 2021-22

Around fifteen thousand school staff have fully completed the OSA’s CPD-accredited course ‘Online Safety for school staff’ over the past two years. We are pleased to announce that the latest version of the course for the academic year 2021-22 has now been launched. For details on accessing this popular course please visit Course structure: Read more about Updates to ‘Online Safety for school staff’ (CPD-accredited course), 2021-22[…]

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Online mobs making death threats to teachers

The Guardian are today reporting on the unfortunate experience of a number of teachers and school leaders who are experiencing online abuse and even death threats. It states that staff sharing attempts to diversify the curriculum and staff seeking to encourage a more inclusive school ethos are becoming the target for abuse from right-wing groups Read more about Online mobs making death threats to teachers[…]

Online security

Cloud storage hackers posting personal videos

Much of the training schools have done regarding topics like sexting and youth-produced sexual imagery has focused on discouraging children from actively sharing such content. However, recent news has highlighted that people do not need to actively shared images and videos for them to become publicly available. Numerous news outlets are currently reporting on the Read more about Cloud storage hackers posting personal videos[…]


Ofsted reports on seeming normalisation of sexting

Ofsted are reporting on the extremely concerning normalisation of sexting and sexual harassment in schools. The survey found that 90% of girls experienced sexist name-calling or were sent explicit photos or videos. It also found that some girls were contacted by multiple boys each night requesting nudes. It indicates that advice schools have traditionally given Read more about Ofsted reports on seeming normalisation of sexting[…]

Interactive video issue, 2020-21 courses

It has come to our attention that users completing courses on iOS devices (iPad / iPhone) are encountering difficulties with viewing interactive video tasks in our new courses. An extensive investigation has discovered that this is an ongoing issue H5P (the tool for developing the HTML5 interactive content) are encountering with iOS and despite many Read more about Interactive video issue, 2020-21 courses[…]


Accredited CPD – school package

The OSA online safety CPD training for school staff is an accredited course ensuring those working with children have an up-to-date knowledge of the statutory requirements they must meet, the threats to children online, how to reduce these risks, and guidance on ensuring staff use of digital technology is safe and responsible. Updated for 2022-23, Read more about Accredited CPD – school package[…]

Safer Internet Day 2019 free resources

Free resources for Safer Internet Day 2020

Given the recent DfE guidance on online safety teaching, Safer Internet Day will this year be more important than ever. Taking place on Tuesday, 20th February 2020, make the even as effective as possible with resources from the Online Safety Alliance. Many of these popular, high-quality resources can be accessed and downloaded for free. Resources Read more about Free resources for Safer Internet Day 2020[…]