Accredited CPD – school package

The OSA online safety CPD training for school staff is an accredited course ensuring those working with children have an up to date knowledge of the statutory requirements they must meet, the threats to children online, how to reduce these risks, and guidance on ensuring staff use of digital technology is safe and responsible.

Thank you for your interest in the additional support and features offered by our school package for this service. This provides:

  • Course enrolment using Google/Microsoft accounts
  • Full access to all training materials
  • Access to all module assessments
  • Accredited CPD certification on course completion
  • School administrator account to monitor staff progress towards certification
  • Course enrolment using bespoke accounts
  • Whole-school participation certificate

The above service is provided for a cost of just £49 (reduced from £59 during the current school closures) to support the OSA manage administrative and running costs.

Payment options:

During the school closures we are only accepting payments by PayPal or by credit/debit card by using the PayPal link below: