"It is important to teach pupils to navigate the online world safely" DFE JUNE 2019

Certificate of online safety

Possibly the most important qualification your pupils will obtain this year.
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What are the risks to our children?
The risks our children are exposed to are constantly changing and evolving.

The digital tools that our children use are constantly changing, as are the risks that arise as a result. It is essential that schools develop a detailed awareness of what the dangers our children are exposed to are, and the risks of each.

Underlying all changes is the movement of control away from schools and parents towards children, with the majority of children now having access to the Internet through data plans on their mobile phones reducing the impact of Internet filtering in schools and almost all children having unsupervised access to an Internet-enabled device in their bedroom at night.

Having a detailed and accurate picture of the online habits of the children in your school is an important step in ensuring you are providing the advice and support that they need. Our ‘Digital Lifestyles Surveys’, tailored to different age groups, can provide you with a detailed report for your Leadership team and governing body. Order a report for your school today.

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