Online Safety: Free CPD-Certified training for school staff

The OSA online safety CPD training for school staff is a CPD-Certified course ensuring those working with children have an up to date knowledge of the statutory requirements they must meet, the threats to children online, how to reduce these risks, and guidance on ensuring staff use of digital technology is safe and responsible.

Free to access, the course has been completed by staff in schools across the UK. Almost ten thousand individuals fully completed all elements within the course created for the academic year 2019-2020. In evaluations, over 98% of participants have indicated that they would recommend this course to others working in schools.

Recent feedback from a whole-staff training event:

“Completed by 60+ staff, a great resource which everyone found informative and relevant”.

Deputy Headteacher
The Harrowby

Course summary:

CPD training OSA
  • It is a statutory requirement that schools provide safeguarding training to their staff once a year as a minimum.
  • The DFE clarified guidance on the expectations of online safety education in schools in June 2019.
  • Schools can work towards meeting these expectations with the OSA’s free online safety training for staff.
  • The course provides tangible data and evidence that your staff have received and understood training on this important topic.

Updated for the 2020-21 academic year

Our CPD updated training takes into account the latest issues and DFE guidance. Staff must successfully complete each of the following units to gain the certificate:

  • Module One: Introduction
    • Statutory requirements, including Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE 2020);
    • Procedures and policies for reporting safeguarding concerns;
    • Summary of DFE guidance on online teaching;
    • Summary of GDPR responsibilities for school staff.
    • Consideration of new statutory requirements for Relationships Education (primary settings) and Relationships and Sex Education (secondary settings).
  • Module Two: Online risks to children
    • Social media management for pupils;
    • Online bullying;
    • Sexting;
    • Physical and mental health issues;
    • Grooming including radicalisation;
    • Live streaming;
    • Digital footprint management.
  • Module Three: Supporting children
    • Educating pupils;
    • Internal and external support channels.
  • Module Four: Staff use of digital technologies
    • Awareness of school policies and expectations;
    • Staff management of personal social media accounts;
    • Managing communication with pupils and parents;
    • Teacher Regulation Agency case studies of staff charged for inappropriate use of technology.

Course delivery

The course is delivered entirely online. Training is provided through high-quality presentations incorporating interactive activities, recent case studies, videos, extended reading opportunities and opportunities for reflection. Greater levels of interaction have been included than in the previous version of this course, with knowledge checks built into all resources.

Interactive activities

Course duration

As with all online training, the time to complete the course will vary a great deal from person to person. Some will be keen to complete quickly whereas others will spend longer reflecting on the learning provided and will explore additional links more thoroughly. The chart below shows evaluation feedback from several hundred school staff who have completed the course for the academic year 2019-2020.

Participant feedback

Feedback from participants on the OSA CPD certification has been overwhelmingly positive, as shown by the evaluation data and testimonials shown below.

Gain access to OSA Certification courses

Individual Staff CPD Access School CPD Package Premium Package
Course enrolment using Google/Microsoft accounts YesYes Yes
Full access to all training materials Yes Yes Yes
Access to all module assessments Yes Yes Yes
Accredited CPD certification on course completion Yes Yes Yes
Printable and downloadable certificate on completionYesYesYes
School administrator account to monitor participant progress towards certification   Yes Yes
Course enrolment using bespoke accounts  Yes Yes
Whole-school participation certificate   Yes Yes
Full access to online safety certification for KS3-KS5*     Yes
Full access to online safety training for parents*     Yes
Cost Free £59£299
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More details

See the flyer below for more details about our popular CPD course. Please share it with colleagues involved in managing CPD and safeguarding within your establishment. Please note the prices in the table above are accurate and reflect our attempt to support schools during this unprecedented time.