Online mobs making death threats to teachers

The Guardian are today reporting on the unfortunate experience of a number of teachers and school leaders who are experiencing online abuse and even death threats. It states that staff sharing attempts to diversify the curriculum and staff seeking to encourage a more inclusive school ethos are becoming the target for abuse from right-wing groups such as Turning Point UK.

Such abuse and threats can obviously have a serious detrimental impact on the mental health of the victim. We would recommend any staff on the receiving end of such abuse should:

  • not respond with those committing the abuse;
  • keep records of such messages;
  • report abuse to the relevant social media platform where applicable;
  • report abuse to the police where threats have been made;
  • inform your school that you have received such abuse.

As we recommend in our CPD course, we would always caution school staff to avoid posting anything controversial which might provoke a reaction. However, in the case of the stories covered in the article the staff referenced are clearly trying to enhance and encourage cultures of tolerance and inclusivity which we would always support. It is a shame that such positive intentions can result in such terrible negative experiences as a consequence.

The full Guardian article can be read here: