Cloud storage hackers posting personal videos

Much of the training schools have done regarding topics like sexting and youth-produced sexual imagery has focused on discouraging children from actively sharing such content. However, recent news has highlighted that people do not need to actively shared images and videos for them to become publicly available.

Numerous news outlets are currently reporting on the experiences of Crystal Palace footballer Leigh Nicol who is one of four British women currently taking legal action in America. Leigh’s iCloud storage was hacked and personal sexual videos from when she was 18 were stolen and ultimately starting trending on the adult website Pornhub. As if this wasn’t distressing enough, it also led to Leigh receiving horrific online abuse and having to pause her football career.

With the majority of children now storing images and videos in cloud storage facilities such as iCloud, this story serves as a powerful learning opportunity on the importance of ensuring passwords for any online service are as secure as possible, and that everybody should think extremely carefully about the content they store on cloud services as they are all ultimately at risk of being hacked, stolen and shared.

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