Free resources for Safer Internet Day 2020

Given the recent DfE guidance on online safety teaching, Safer Internet Day will this year be more important than ever. Taking place on Tuesday, 20th February 2020, make the even as effective as possible with resources from the Online Safety Alliance. Many of these popular, high-quality resources can be accessed and downloaded for free.

Resources for parents / carers

Encourage parents and carers to take greater responsibility for helping their children to remain safe online. Our summary guides provide up to date information on reasons for concern and tips for staying safe. They cover what have become the four most important social media platforms for children – WhatsApp, Instagram Snapchat and TikTok. Download these guides for free and share them with parents on Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day 2019 free resources

Free social media parent guides >> Download here

Resources for staff

  • It is a statutory requirement that schools provide safeguarding training to their staff once a year as a minimum.
  • The DFE clarified guidance on the expectations of online safety education in schools in June 2019.
  • Schools can work towards meeting these expectations with the OSA’s free online safety training for staff.
  • Updated for 2019-2020, the course provides tangible data and evidence that your staff have received and understood training on this important topic.

Complete this effective and popular course for free today.

Learn more about the OSA Certificate of Online Safety (Staff CPD)

Resources for pupils

Can you prove to governors and inspectors that your pupils have received and understood high-quality online safety education? Are you meeting the new DfE guidelines for online safety teaching? The OSA Certificate of Online Safety has been designed to meet this essential requirement.

Learn more about the OSA Certificate of Online Safety

Discover the updates for the 2019-2020 Certificate

Please use our contact form to get in touch if you would like free access to a trial account to see how the OSA Certificate of Online Safety can benefit the pupils at your school.

Free posters for pupils

If you are simply looking for an instant online safety display to educate pupils on a wide range of issues, you can download our free, colourful A3 posters shown below.

Download the online safety posters shown above.