Certificate of Online Safety updates

November 2017

Updates to content

peer-to-peer grooming online safety

Peer-to-peer grooming is becoming an increasing problem, particularly with regard to encouraging sharing of inappropriate images. Games of ‘dare’ are being used which start small but lead the victim towards sharing of naked images. Our grooming unit has been updated to raise awareness of this and to encourage children to be suspicious when a peer encourages them to enter a game of dare.

System updates

Pupils no longer need to have accounts made to access the OSA Certificate of Online Safety. Google or Microsoft account (depending on which your school uses) can now be used to log in. We are sure that this will make accessing the system much easier for most schools and having one less username and password to remember is always a good thing! Pupils will still need to enter a code once to gain access to the course of their choice. This will also link them to a school administrator account so that their progress can be monitored. Please contact us to get an access code for your school.


Request for samples of resources and test questions from the Certificate were common last month. We have created a Dropbox folder with a sample to help you see what the presentations, summaries, videos and questions within the Certificate are like. The Dropbox can be accessed here.

Please click here to learn more about the OSA Certificate of Online Safety and to gain access for your school.