Resources for Safer Internet Day 2019

smartphone_communicationSafer Internet Day 2019 is taking place on Tuesday 5th February. Are you ready to raise the profile of online safety right across your school community?

Schools are increasingly finding that there can be something of a disconnect between what pupils know they should do and what they actually do when it comes to the internet and digital technology. This year the Online Safety Alliance is helping schools to tackle this from three different perspectives by providing resources to develop and demonstrate the understanding of pupils, staff and parents. Access to much of our popular and high quality resources is free. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to tell us what you would like to access.

Parental Education: Free to access

Engagement of parents in monitoring what their children are doing and in talking with their children about acceptable use is essential. This can reduce the burden on school staff left trying to manage the fallout of inappropriate use of technology. Unfortunately, many parents do not feel they have sufficient knowledge to carry out this important role or do not understand their legal responsibilities in this area.

For Safer Internet Day 2019 you can provide the parents of your pupils with:
– Access to our video series ‘online safety in 90 seconds’ which uses short videos to increase awareness of issues children are facing and what parents can do to prevent or manage these issues.
– Our online course ‘online safety for parents’ which provides you with tangible data that proves the parents of your pupils have a good understanding of a range of current risks and what can be done to protect children.
– Our ‘smartphone health check’ guidance on how parents can safety check their child’s phone and on issues to look out for.

Staff Education: Free to access

It is a statutory requirement that schools provide safeguarding training to their staff once a year as a minimum. The importance of current online safety issues being addressed within such training is more important than ever. The course is delivered online and covers a range of up to date topics including:

  • Statutory requirements regarding safeguarding and online safety issues.
  • Social media challenges and management for pupils.
  • Online risks to pupils (including online bullying, sexting, grooming, etc).
  • Advice for staff to help pupils navigate online safety risks.
  • Advice for dealing with disclosures.
  • Staff responsibilities for protecting school reputation.

Learn more about our staff CPD course here.

Pupil Education: The OSA Certificate of Online Safety

The OSA Certificate of Online Safety has been undertaken by tens of thousands of children in schools across England. This important qualification provides valid and tangible evidence that your pupils have received and understood how to stay safe online, what to do if things go wrong, and what the possible consequences of bad choices could be.

Learn more about the OSA Certificate of Online Safety here.

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If you are ready to join the increasing numbers of schools safeguarding pupils through use of the OSA Certificate of Online Safety, please use the following PayPal button to pay by card or complete the contact form below to request an invoice.

The setup cost for each school to access the OSA Certificate of Online Safety for pupils is just £299. This allows you to enter all pupils within your establishment for the current annual version of the OSA certificate. It also provides access to our popular staff CPD and our online safety course for parents. There are no hidden additional costs.

If you simply want free access to our resources for staff and parents, please contact us using the form below.