Review of staff online safety CPD

The free OSA CPD course for school staff is rapidly growing in popularity. A powerful safeguarding tool for ensuring all staff in your school community are aware of the online risks to children, how to help children stay safe, statutory requirements for staff, and staff responsibilities in their own use of social media. Details of the CPD course can be seen here.

Wondering how effective our CPD course is? Please read the testimonial below, kindly supplied by Reach Academy.

Just a quick one to let you know how the whole school training went. I setup an INSET afternoon where every staff member completed the OSA staff training package supplied by yourself. All staff members spoke highly of the course, some said it was far more informative than a more expensive course we purchased in the past from a well known charity that supports children. As an administrator of the course I was able to track and monitor progress of all staff members with ease. The mini tests at the end of each module ensured that staff members read the course material thoroughly, some chose to take notes to support them with the tests.

I felt there was a good balance between guidance on specific applications (i.e. WhatsApp, Snap Chat etc) and generic guidance and support on the topic as a whole.

More recently we applied for (and gained) an Online Safety quality mark for the school. An external assessor came to scrutinise our provision, he quizzed the knowledge and training of our staff and students. The courses you have provided to both staff and students helped them to answer all questions confidently. Staff now feel confident and knowledgeable enough to support our young people when necessary.

Please could you keep me informed of any developments in your courses as I would be keen in investing further in the future.

Keep up the good work!

D Newton
Designated LAC Teacher & Online Safety Lead
Reach Academy

For more information or to request access to the course please visit here.